Monday, October 18, 2010


Hey everyone! How's it going for you today? My day totally sucked! I had to stay at home because of the ugly weather ( thanks to Super Typhoon Megi) and i'm sick. I literally sound like a barking dog with a runny nose. Whew!

Anyhow, I am doing a make up review today. This is my first time doing it people so please bear with me. LOL. I recently got my Ellana Mineral Make up order and samples from here. You can opt to get the SAMPLES FOR FREE, but you have to pay the shipping which is 112php  (probably around 3 USD) for Philippine-based orders. In my case, I was able to place my order first then i found out I can actually request for samples. I was very happy when Ms. Coney Avellana (owner of Ellana Minerals) agreed to still give the samples and send those together with my orders. Yipee!!!!

Now, it's review time! I bought  the following:

Sheer Velvet Mineral Powder Primer
(4g 270php/ 6 USD)

I have been a wacko searching over the internet, shopping around in our place, asking from people about a primer which is of good quality but in a lesser price. Philippines is such a humid place and keeping up with the hotness is such a hard work for the make up we put on our face. When I found out about the wonders of putting on a primer, I was eager to go hunt for it. I was a little skeptical with this primer at first but I decided to go for it anyway. I'm just glad I did! It's very easy to apply on the face, it makes skin a lot smoother and I noticed that my make up stayed longer.

French Vanilla Latte Intense Coverage Mineral Powder
(1g 100php/ 2 USD)

I was a little bit disappointed with this because it made my skin looked darker than my actual skin color. I don't take the blame on Ellana because I was the one who made a mistake picking out the color. I thought I am a warm undertone when actually I'm a cold under toned. But quality-wise, it served its purpose well. It gave a good coverage. You know, coverage coverage. :)

Almond Coffee Cream Oil- Absorbing Mineral Finishing Powder
( 1g 100php/ 2 USD)

It was okay with my skin after a few minutes of application but I noticed my face becoming oily after an hour so I had to dust off some of this again.

Innocence Cover It Up Mineral Color Corrector
( 1g 100php/ 2 USD)

This is another "for keeps" for me because I have a few red spots on areas around my nose and this covered those "uglies" quite well. 

Strawberry Kiss Lip Scrub
( 3g 150php/ 3 USD)

I am loving this product because I used to have dry lips which would usually give me flakes. Urggghh. What I do with this is that, it serves as a pre-lipistick base. I scrub on a generous amount on my lips, blot it off with a tissue paper then apply my lippies or glossies. If you're not the typical "lippy" or "glossy" girl, this can still give justice to your everyday make up routine.



I am happy with most of the products that I bought from Ellana Mineral Make Up. Most of them lived up to its promise at a much lower cost. As for those products that didn't make me happy, it doesn't mean that they're not good. It just didn't work out for me. I am naturally an oily-skinned person plus the hotness and humidity, I think I need a product that can withstand those factors. I know there are a lot of high-end imported make up products on the market but for someone who is on a tight budget and still want to look good and presentable, I definitely would recommend Ellana Mineral Make Up. Plus, it's healthy for the skin because of the mineral content found on the products.

Have you tried Ellana Mineral Make Up? How did you find it?


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