Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh, Typhoon Megi/Juan!!!

Hey everyone! I stayed at home today because I'm sick ( runny nose, cough, congested-sounding voice.. you name it!) while the rest of the family took off to stroll around a mall. I spent the rest of the day just sleeping in my bed but my journey to Dreamland was cut short because I heard a really loud "bang!!!" a.k.a. thunder and it rained hard. It wasn't just a one or two-time strike of the thunder because it was soon followed by multiples of it!  

You probably have heard about the Super typhoon threatening to enter the Philippines (Where it's sunny everyday- Rachel Berry of Glee) as of the moment. Here's an excerpt of the report from Yahoo! News and i quote, " With maximum winds of 160 kilometres (100 miles) per hour near the centre and gusts of up to 195 kilometres per hour, Megi was approaching the northeastern side of the country's main island of Luzon.
It is expected to make landfall over the northern province of Cagayan by Monday, and as of Sunday morning it was 630 kilometres east of the province", unquote.

Philippine National Police and volunteer rescue units practice search and rescue operation Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010 along Pinacanauan river in Ilagan township, Isabela province in northern Philippines in anticipation of typhoon "Megi" 

It's Sunday here in the Philippines as I am writing this blog and we already had a glimpse of what Typhoon Megi has stored for us. I can still reminisce the crisp, loud and scary thunder this afternoon. It was 4pm when I woke up but it appeared to be 7pm already! 
Waking up in a dark room, rain outside and roaring thunder--- HORROR FILMS!!!

Kiddin' aside, I wish Typhoon Megi would never landfall tomorrow and would just disappear! Melt! Dissolve! 
So how did it go for you today? Please share to us your experience especially if you're from the Philippines and had the same thing with mine (you know, the thunder and stuff. LOL) 


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