Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The first lip gloss that I purchased that's American brand ( haha ) is Nyx Lip Gloss in Natural. I have a preference of wearing neutral colors on my lips on an ordinary day ( maybe I'm not BOLD enough to fancy killer reds).

At that time, I was seeking for a nude lip gloss to match my newly acquired Personi U.S.A. lipstick in Nude ( i will also be doing a review on this). If you can see at the top photo ( one in the bottle), it appears nude; the very sense that I got convinced to buy it. But when I received it, it actually looked mauve in color (refer at the swatch). Lighting and photo quality does make a difference huh? 

I was getting lightly disappointed because I expected a more nude color but when I tried it on top of Personi, I think it looked okay. The two colors blends well. In fairness to Nyx, this gloss is really creamy, pigmented and doesn't bleed on the lips. The smell of the gloss is lemonish which kind of reminded me of a car aircon freshener. 

In summary, Nyx Lip Gloss is of quality, long-wearing and affordable. 


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